Leadership and Team growth


IHC – Italian Hospitality Collection is a group of hotels, resorts, and spas that has the objective of positioning itself as the top hospitality brand in Europe. They asked us to create a leadership development journey that would facilitate their managers in defining the new mindset that is necessary in order to manage the complexity of the business and of the market. In order to respond to this request putting maximum attention on incentivising individual and team performance, we designed a kick-off workshop to define the guidelines of a change that would impact culture, behaviours, and strategic thinking.
The objective of the workshop was to train IHC managers to be change leaders that are able to use a new winning mindset to manage the evolving market and to be a point of reference in the organisation, aware of the competitive scenarios and the excellence required in hospitality. Equally important was fostering a sense of belonging, both of the individual and of the team, in involving participants though original language that leaves a mark on daily company life, favouring knowledge and integration between the people, the organisation, and the group.
We designed and carried out a 3-day strategic workshop in which we supplied new elements to facilitate working with a higher level of awareness – both individually and in teams – in a context that is rich in stimuli and out of the ordinary content. With the help of the LIFO® Methodology, we defined and shared the strengths and areas for improvement of the IHC team. Meanwhile, through a world cafè-style working session, we facilitated moments of in-depth analysis and exchange between participants. The workshops were enhanced with the contributions of some external testimonials. One of these was C. A. Carnevale Maffè, expert in Marketing Strategy at SDA Bocconi, who gave a broader reading of the context in which IHC acts and in which it wants to distinguish itself. Some topics he spoke about included Hospitality and Digital, demand and offer in the times of the sharing economy, and Travel Science. The last element added was a consolidating activity with a strong experiential impact. The challenge room is a team-building activity in which reaching a final winning result can only be done by collaborating in a synergic and integrated way.
Participation and enthusiasm in the final phases of the workshop were the first tangible signs of how much was learned throughout the workshop. What’s more is the personal commitment of each IHC manager in putting in practice the ideal behaviours that were defined together in the work phases. The LIFO® report that each participant was given can be used both within individual coaching programs and to help define personal and team objectives. A follow-up is expected in the months to come.
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